About Me


My goal is to find better ways for business, philanthropy, and social enterprise to anticipate and capitalize on futures.

I’ve been an innovator my entire life. Regardless of the job, project, or role, I always find myself looking for opportunity spaces to innovate a better balance between the needs of today, and the potential of tomorrow. I’m also a generalist, because I tend to learn by doing. I find that experience delivers richer and more applicable understanding — which in turn, provides me with a wider field of vision and more divergent interests. As a result, my strategy and foresight expertise draws from diversified experience across entertainment, integrated marketing, and a continuous stream of startups and new initiatives.

As an executive, consultant, and entrepreneur, my progressive “how might we” perspective has fueled innovation and growth for a broad range of businesses, brands, clients, and partners that include: American Idol, Fremantle Media, Creative Artists Agency, Kellogg’s, Warner Bros., Suzuki, Vogue, Google, Tourism Malaysia, Sprite, Starcom Mediavest, IMG, and FuseProject.

I have a BFA from Ithaca College in media theory and performing arts, and recently completed a DMBA in Strategic Foresight from California College of the Arts’ Design Strategy program.

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